Why Executive Coaching ?
As individuals advance to the leadership level, many executives plateau in critical interpersonal and leadership skills. The behaviour that lead to their present level of success might not be the same behavior that is needed to reach a higher level of success. The higher someone gets, the more filtered feedback can become. Whether a business, family or personal matter, today's leaders need someone independent and objective to discuss, analyse and sound out his specific issues.

What is Executive Coaching ?
A professional coach partners with the executives to help them achieve breakthroughs that enable them to be more successful, effective and powerful in their profession. Every executive has a unique profile of signature strengths and development areas. The coach assists the executive to realise his potential by developing his personal and professional skills in a sustainable and insightful manner. The role of the coach is to help executives to choose areas of focus linked to truly what matters to them and improve their performance by leveraging their strengths. This is done through structured dialogue held at regular intervals.

Executive Coaching is all about change and transformation that an executive aspires, which emanates from asking right questions than providing the answers.

" The same beliefs that lead to our success can make it difficult for us to change behaviour .Leaders who are becoming increasingly successful can also face increased difficulty when they need to change" Marshal Goldsmith

My Coaching Philosophy

To be coachee-centric by approach, humanistic by orientation, empowering by style and eclectic by design and deeply mindful about the psychological dimensions of coaching.


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