Assessment Form

Sources of Pressure Questionnaire
(Source: Andy Kirby-Gower, Aldershot – Games for trainers, Vol. 3, Gower 1994)
Read the following statements and indicate by circling an answer whether you agree or disagree with them.
S. No. Statement Agree
1 My boss is inconsistent as to which decisions I am allowed to take.
2 I have difficulty in delegating work effectively.
3 Sometimes I find it difficult to motivate my staff.
4 I don’t have the resources to carry out all the tasks allocated to me.
5 I can’t always use what I have to achieve what I want.
6 At the end of the day I don’t seem to have progressed any further on my key tasks.
7 There isn’t enough time to plan my work-- I’m too busy doing it.
8 I have to run as fast as I can to stay where I am.
9 Most of my working day is spent dealing with interruptions.
10 I often find myself working more than my paid hours.
11 I find it difficult to stand up for myself.
12 Sometimes I’m not sure what people want when they make demands of me.
13 I can fly off the handle if I don’t get what I want.
14 I tend to allow myself to be talked into doing tasks at work which are not really my responsibility.
15 I worry a lot about misunderstandings I have with my colleagues.
16 Different people have conflicting expectations of me.
17 Changes in the structure of the organization make it hard for me to know what I am supposed to be doing.
18 Other people block me in what I should be doing.
19 I find it hard to identify with the culture of my organization.
20 Different parts of the system seem to be pulling me in different directions.
21 I never feel really relaxed.
22 I think that you have to be very involved personally in your work to be really effective.
23 Sometimes I become upset for no real reason.
24 I am carried away by my feelings more often than I would like.
25 I can worry about how I feel inside myself.
26 I don’t always know what makes me do things.
27 However hard I try, I never seem to be satisfied with what I have achieved.
28 My work is affected by how I feel about myself.
29 I’m not sure where I stand.
30 I’d like to know more about what makes me tick.
31 When I come back from a holiday I need another holiday to recover.
32 Sport just doesn’t suit my lifestyle.
33 I’d like to be able to relax better.
34 Hobbies indicate a small and petty mind.
35 It’s difficult for me to unwind.
36 I think I might drink or smoke too much right now.
37 There’s nothing wrong with junk mail.
38 I take indigestion or headache tablets at least twice each week.
39 Maybe I should be doing more about my health.